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Dive Into Carnival Elegance

Explore our captivating collection of Monday Wear Options.

Wire Bra Frames

Experience the perfect fusion of support and sophistication as you dance through the festivities in vibrant and beautifully adorned wire bras.

Bejeweled Wire Bras

Unleash your inner carnival goddess with our Bejeweled Wire Bras, meticulously crafted to sparkle and shine. ensuring you stand out in the crowd.

Spandex Wire Bras

Crafted for both elegance and ease, these wire bras are designed to embrace your curves, ensuring you feel confident and carefree with every step.

Tiaras & Headpieces

Each piece is a dazzling tribute to regality, meticulously designed to add a touch of grandeur to your carnival ensemble. Shine bright and command attention as you step into the limelight with these captivating accessories

Arm & Leg Pieces

Elevate your carnival attire with our curated selection of Arm & Leg Pieces. From bold statement pieces to delicate adornments, each accessory is crafted to accentuate your movements and add an extra layer of flair to your carnival look. Express your unique style and dance with confidence, adorned in the spirit of celebration.

Backpacks & Collars

These accessories go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to express your creativity and individuality. Whether it's the enchanting allure of backpack frames or the sophisticated touch of collars, our collection is designed to make you the center of attention, turning heads wherever you go.

Meet The Designer


I am Ann-Elle, the creative force behind Got U Wired. Since igniting this creative venture in 2019, I have blended my love and passion for wire artistry and the carnival arts to foster joy among individual masqueraders, seamstresses, and designers. At Got U Wired, my commitment extends beyond products to delivering unparalleled customer service, ensuring every encounter leaves you with a smile and utmost satisfaction. 

Welcome to the Got U Wired experience — where craftsmanship meets delight!


Owner/Designer at Got U Wired


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"Wow! Got U Wired completely transformed my carnival experience with their wire bras. The vibrant colors and intricate designs made me feel like a true masquerader. Can't wait to wear another masterpiece from Got U Wired next year! Thank you for making me feel like a carnival queen! 🎭✨
La Tisha


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